More Than Mouthwash

Lavoris is an oral care line for the the entire family. Lavoris mouthwash is made in four great flavors: Original Cinnamon, Natural Mint, Natural Peppermint, and Natural Citrus Clove. We have also incorporated the teeth strengthening natural ingredient XYLITOL to our Whitening Rinse, Fluoride Rinse, and our three flavors of toothpaste. We make our anticavity fluoride toothpaste with Xylitol in three flavors: Cinnamon Extreme, Spearmint Fresh, and Peppermint Ice.

Lavoris Brand Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Lavoris Brand History

A bottle of Lavoris® mouthwash has sold somewhere in the world every day for the last 100+ years!

Lavoris® was first used during the Civil War as an antiseptic and Lavoris® was introduced as a mouthwash in 1903.

By 1960 Lavoris® was an industry leader, used by thousands of dentists and millions of consumers.

Lavoris® has spent more than $50 million on advertising over the years. Lavoris® coined the terms “Halitosis,” “Pucker Power,” and “Zantrate®.”

Zantrate® is a trademark name to describe a patented process that makes Lavoris® “unique.” Zantrate® eliminates the bacterial compounds that cause bad breath. Zantrate® ‘Zaps’ malodors and gives you a clean mouth and longer lasting fresh breath.

Lavoris Brand Information

Natural Ingredients

Lavoris® uses natural ingredients in all formulations. The heritage of Lavoris® is natural Clove and Cinnamon.

Lavoris® uses a low alcohol formulation—4% as compared to 12% to 25% for other branded products.

Clinical Testing

From 1980-1990 Lavoris® with Zantrate® underwent several studies that illustrated that Lavoris® with Zantrate® lasts three times as long as other name brand mouthwashes. Further, clinical testing has shown that when Lavoris® is used before bed … it can eliminate malodors associated with morning breath.