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The Silkience 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is the best product thats happened for me. I tell my co-workers about how it noticably straightened and strengthend my hair in the first wash. My hair was so difficult to manage that I thought I would have to keep it short. I'm so glad I tried the 2 in 1. I need to buy this product by the case. Thank you.
Sharon, US

Great product would recommend to friends!

Best mouthwash on the market. The citrus clove is hard to find but is amazing.

I have only ever used this at my dentist's office growing up. I am not even certain I have ever seen it at a store. It is not too harsh and obviously clinically recommended. The cinnamon flavor is good. I might consider using this instead of Listerine if I ever saw it in a store

Lavoris is the best mouthwash on the market, regardless of price. It tastes great, is long lasting, and is wonderful to use at night before bedtime. I am so happy this product is available on the market again. In fact, it's even better than I remembered. If Lavoris ever came out with a cavity rinse for adults, I'd be first in line to buy it! If you are big cinnamon fan, Lavoris cinnamon is intense and refreshing. I prefer the mint flavors. Really a great great product.

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